Our History

1928 In the Beginningdb_11_old_car24

The David Mathieu Company was the first full-time body, fender and paint shop in Waterville. Spray Painting was just being introduced at this time on auto finishing. The equipment was extremely primitive and very basic. However, two very important factors were offered to compensate for the equipment: good craftsmanship at a fair price.



1953 Our 25th Anniversary

db_01_Old_Building14The David Mathieu Company as it appeared in the middle of the old Colby College campus on College Avenue. This was, in actuality, the first modern auto body shop in Waterville. The latest frame straightening equipment available was first installed here.  And it was new technology that drew customers from beyond a fifty mile radius of Waterville. This one body shop that employed an average of seven men also became the training ground for several successful auto-body men.

Within ten years time, this building, much larger than our prior facility on Front Street, became much too small for our growing needs.



1963 The 35th Anniversary

57 Porshe Speedster

At its new location on Allen Street, the David Mathieu Company is constantly improving its facilities and technology to render to you, our customers, a better service. We urge our old friends and also newcomers to our area, to come in and get acquainted. We think you will be pleasantly impressed with our facilities.

1988 Celebrating the 60th Anniversary

As Maine’s largest and most modern auto body shop, the time is now for sophisticated, high technology equipment to meet the demands of today’s advanced cars and trucks. Good old craftsmanship alone, the kind of craftsmanship we’ve offered in the past, is no longer enough. We, as auto body professionals must step into the future of auto body repair. At David Mathieu Company, we have come to realize that quality craftsmanship along with hi-tech equipment is now a must! Our vast experience with the most up-to-date training assures you, our customers, of a good and safe repair job. See how a one- man body shop has advanced to a twenty man operation and still growing!

2008 The 80th Anniversary

Now in its 3rd generation, the David Mathieu Company still carries on the same tradition of exceptional craftsmanship at a fair price while continuing to put the customer first. Not only is the business multigenerational, but many generations of loyal customers consider us their first choice for excellent service. We continue to incorporate the latest advances in technology to give our customers the best service possible.  Our success is due not only to our craftsmanship, innovation and honesty but also to our loyal customers spanning the decades from 1928 to 2008 and beyond.